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  •  Catalogue offers you a view of industrial ozone machine OBM here


  •  Small industrial ozone machine: 0.5-15g / h are widely used in industry and everyday life.

    Especially industrial ozone machines are also applications in the medical field.
    - Ozone disinfection machine vegetable food.
    - Detoxify ozone machines, deodorant, color removal, air purification ...
    - Industrial ozone machine in pure water treatment, drinking water treatment, swimming pool water treatment.
    - Home industry ozone machine in aquaculture.

  • Industrial ozone machine 20-30g/h of company OBM
    Is produced at the company OBM by skilled team of engineers experienced

  • Ozone generator 35-50g/h of company OBM

    Designed by a team of experienced engineers. All Industrial ozone machine company OBM is made from stainless steel and aluminum, to ensure the right quality.

  • Demand for water treatment increasingly stringent, company OBM models produce ozone industrial large capacity:

    Máy ozone công nghiệp 50-100g/h



  • OBM manufacturing company Industrial ozone machine with new technology:

    High-frequency transformer temperature oil, good use in saltwater environment.

    - Industrial Machinery ozone in drinking water treatment

    - Industrial ozone machine wastewater treatment

    - Industrial Machinery ozone pure water treatment

    - Industrial Machinery ozone water treatment pool

    - Industrial ozone machine in aquaculture

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  • Our ozone generators are built in oxygen tectnology. the concentraton of ozone production is very high. 

    ozone generators have ranged 20-200g/h @ concentration 70g/Nm3 is built in oxygen technology and be cooled by air. 

    ozone generators are larger 200g/h and concentration more then 70g/Nm3 is built in oxygen technology and be cooled by water.



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  • * The company is looking for agents OBM distribution Ozone CORONA PLUS FOOD VEGETABLES

    Meet the trust of customers for use of the company CORONA ® OBM. Now our company launches you series: